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Thursday Thirteen #117: Thirteen Things About Halloween and the Wacky Family

October 31st, 2007


We love Halloween at our house. I love it so much that I would like to eat a pound of chocolate right now to celebrate. Self-control is good, but on Halloween it goes OUT the window. I will try to not eat too much chocolate. I always try to try. Here are 13 funnies for you:

13) One of the first Halloweens my husband and I spent together, we all three dressed up as princesses — Hockey God, me, and Good Ol’ Wacky Dog, who was adorable in a pink sparkly cape and pointy pink hat. We went to a party where a few friendly lesbians took a liking to him, and spent the evening “frenching” him and feeding him beer. Arooooooooooo! (Here is a picture of him, the cutest dog ever, from last year, with my sister’s dog, who is dressed as a dinosaur.) (He used to like to spend Halloween bum rushing the door every damn time the bell rang, and scaring the kids.) (Good puppy! Why did we not lock him in the office? He was part beaver and would have chewed his way out.) (Poor dog. Poor scared trick or treaters.)

12) One of my favorite memories is my daughter’s second Halloween, when my mother tried to “teach” her how to hand out Halloween candy. Only neither one of them would let go. The neighbor kids found this to be “frustrating.” We have it all on videotape, it’s pretty hilarious and a little goofy.

11) First Halloween for Wacky Girl? I dressed her as a bear. Second? She was a little bunny, and every time a kid came up on the porch she shrieked with glee and nearly scared them off.

10) “Trick or treat and make it snappy!”

9) Wacky Girl is dressed as a pirate tonight; Wacky Boy is dressed as a hippie.

8) Wacky Girl: “On Halloween, little girls go wooooooooooot-wooooooooooooooot! Hallelujah! Tricker treating!”

7) Wacky Boy: “On Halloween, little boys say twick o tweet. TWICK O TWEET FOR UNICEF!!!!”

6) Wacky Girl, upon finding out that trick or treating ends when you turn 12 or 13: “I thought that was horrible and… pretty bad.”

5) How about some candy, y’all?

4) My dad used to take us out trick or treating for blocks and blocks and blocks and never gave up before we did. That is my definition of a great father. My mom used to sort out all of our candy after we went to bed and only ate some of it, not all. That is my definition of a great mom. Also, she used to sew all of our costumes — gypsies, clowns, witches, whatever we wanted.

3) Wacky Girl’s definition of the perfect Halloween: “You get a medium amount of candy. You go home, you eat half of it, and you go to bed. The next day you don’t go to school cuz it’s Candy Hang-over Day. Then after lunch and dinner the next day you eat the rest of your candy. And that’s a perfect Halloween.”

2) Wacky Boy’s definition of the perfect Halloween: “I do not have one.” (Proceeds to wrap ribbon from sword all around the office. “It took me a very long time to do.”)

1) Happy Halloween, and I hope you get lots of treats and hardly any tricks.



  1. Cindi says

    I’m still laughing. My favorite was our little tricker treater from two years ago who was afraid of every house but ours. She would walk up and say “Tick Tit” I would put a piece of candy in her bag, she would giggle, and her Mom would walk her across the street. After apparently a discussion involving going to other houses and refusing, back she would come knock-knock “Tick Tit” rinse and repeat. This went on for over and hour before she told me she was sleepy. She came last year but we were no longer the only house on her list. That was sad. =-)

    My TT is up with Celtic Deities, come visit

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  2. Nicholas says

    Great list! I hope the evening went well.

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  3. colleen says

    We used to stay out till nine and then come home and line all our candy up and categorize it. The candy bars were like gold!

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  4. damozel says

    I loved the little doggy photo. Sounds like the kids had a wonderful time.

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  5. SJ Reidhead says

    I like #7!

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  6. SJ Reidhead says

    Makes me glad I have no children!

    The Pink Flamingo

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  7. Michelle at Scribbit says

    For Unicef? Wow, that’s taking the higher road for sure!

    October 31st, 2007 | #

  8. Janet says

    lol I love a T13 that can make me laugh and yours certainly did!

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  9. Kat says

    Doggie is so cute!! Happy TT!

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  10. Aline de Chevigny says

    Great List Happy Halloweeen


    November 1st, 2007 | #

  11. Mallory says

    I love this list! Especially the princess part. And the cute stuff that your kids say as usual. Twick or Tweat Wacky Kids!

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  12. betty says

    hahha your family sounds like fun :)

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  13. J. Lynne says

    I only had 4 kids and 2 puppies as trick or treaters last night. I recall when I was a kid, we would head out early and hit every house for blocks and when we were out, there were lots of other kids out and lots of people visiting on their porches and in their driveways. It was a great big neighborhood thing, but I guess people don’t get to know their neighbors now and they don’t trust their neighbors enough to take their kids trick or treating. It’s so sad.

    I’m glad your kids had fun. Happy TT!

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  14. Chelle Y. says

    I have already gotten into my son’s candy four times today! :)

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  15. Vixen says

    Very, very funny. Happy TT.

    PS: I didn’t do anything to make you mad did I?

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  16. Titania says

    I love Halloween too. A lot. Yes, diets go out the window at our house too. Love those Snicker bars. :P

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  17. WackyMommy says

    Nopey-nope-nope! I just hadn’t had a chance to drop by. Our Vixen needs some Internet lovin’ — big hugs to Vixen, everybody! How is Southern California, girl? Has it all settled down? How are the babies?

    November 1st, 2007 | #

  18. WackyMommy says

    My daughter just read your comment over my shoulder and I had to reassure her no I did *not* swipe any of her candy. (I couldn’t find it.)

    November 1st, 2007 | #

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