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November 9th, 2007

I posted this comment on Planet Nomad’s blog (interesting discussion going about favoritism) and wanted to leave it here, too.

Oh. My. Gosh! Hockey God just made coffee, and the kids have the day off school so I’m in my pajamas still, not rushing out the door. Glory halleluJAH!

happy friday, everyone!

The best parenting advice given to me and my husband was in the middle of an ultrasound, when the tech told us, in a speedy fashion, that her son was three, and “Here’s everything I know about parenting so far. After the baby gets here, your dog will be just a dog; it’s not the terrible two’s it’s the terrible three’s; and give specific choices: the blue cup or the green one? The yellow shirt or the blue? OK, that’s it, thanks you guys!” I was laughing so hard.

So… what’s the best (or worst) parenting advice you’ve ever gotten?

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