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Thursday Thirteen Ed. # (yikes) 121: Tell Me A Little About Yourself

November 28th, 2007

Thursday 13ers and all you Usual Suspects,

Come over here. Let’s talk. It’s always me, me, me around here. Yadda-yadda-blip. Here are…

Thirteen Things I Wanna Know About You

1) Who are you?

2) Where do you live?

3) Have you been sleeping well?

4) Do you still cuddle with a teddy bear? Did you ever?

5) If you could be a candy bar, which one would it be?

6) Do you miss me when I don’t post? Wait, I always post. Invalid question. (I’ve almost made it through November.) (Oh, that first post! It was so long ago.) Um. Do you get sick of hearing me talk?

7) Which blogs are your favorites?

8) What do you do for “real” work, or do you make so much money off your site that this is your “real” job?

9) What’s your secret? Tell me now. I’ll wait.

10) What’s your lucky number?

11) What’s your favorite side dish?

12) Favorite movie?

13) Last time you shaved?

14 — bonus question!) Will you please go buy a NAWACOTID or Wacky Mommy T-shirt from me? Thank you! (Shamless hussy.)

Please answer any or all of these questions in comments, or e me if you’re shy. Happiest Thursday to you.




  1. marcia v says

    I live in Tx sleeping great this week i cudle a pillow or DH I would be a butterfinger

    November 28th, 2007 | #

  2. Natalie says

    1. I am Natalie a.k.a. Red Sox Mommy
    2. In the Siberia of the United States a.k.a. Eastern Colorado near the Kansas border.
    3. I have a 4 month old and it’s 1am…I don’t even remember what good sleep is like anymore. LOL!
    4. No teddy bear, unless you count my husband. I did have a teddy bear when I was little.
    5. I would be a 3 Musketeers bar solely because I love them. :)
    6. Huh?
    7. There are so many good blogs, I wouldn’t know where to start. Check out my sidebar for my favorites under Bloggin buddies.
    8. My real job is to be a stay at home mom, but that doesn’t pay. My husband is a state trooper and I do paid blogging stuff to help out.
    9. No secret, I don’t make much.
    10. 33
    11. Mashed potatoes…heck, anything potatoes
    12. Too many favs…love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Emperor’s New Groove, Fever Pitch…and on and on and on
    13. I shaved my pits in the shower tonight. LOL!

    My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  3. Elizabeth says

    1. I’m Elizabeth from Posts from Portland–www.postsfromportland.blogspot.com.
    2. North Portland, just across the freeway from you. (Yes, I’ve snooped and found out where you live. No, I haven’t driven by.)
    3. Yes, fairly well. My kids don’t wake in the night anymore, or if they do they deal with it themselves. The cat, however, is a different matter…
    4. I snuggled with a teddy bear when I was in high school and college. I don’t remember doing that before high school, so maybe I was making up for lost time.
    5. Um, any difference between this question and “what’s your fave candy bar?” My favorite candy bar is Endangered Species Milk Chocolate.
    6. I do miss you when you don’t post. It doesn’t happen very often!
    7. Yours, Lelo in NoPo, Magpie Ima, Katie Allison Granju, and The Red Molly Democrat-Picayune.
    8. “Real work” that pays? Nada. I homeschool my kids, bake bread, make soap, do volunteer work.
    9. Sorry, I make no money off my blog. I don’t do ads.
    10. Um, I don’t have one? Maybe that’s my problem.
    11. I’m a vegetarian, so it’s all main dish to me. Pasta, potatoes, soup….
    12. Benny and Joon. A distant second is Return to Me.
    13. 1999. Seriously. I read a book on body image that mainly spoke to me about my weight, but a side benefit is NEVER HAVING TO SHAVE AGAIN!
    14. No. (Sorry!)

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  4. WackyMommy says

    This is fun! I’m liking this.

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  5. Vixen says

    1. According to my boss, today I am “The Goddess of Purchasing.”
    2. Today, not so sunny San Diego-ish, where no one can really afford to live. It’s more like subsisting.
    3. No, I have not. There is a sick person at my place…
    4. No, I have never cuddled with a teddy. Should I?
    5. I am Hot Tamales!
    6. Yes I miss you when you don’t post (remember that time you went on vacation and I noticed?). I never get sick of you.
    7. You. And the others listed on my site…your other people should go there and check it out.
    8. I spend other people’s money. That is actually the only money I have to spend, others that is.
    9. I can’t do ads, I am on free wordpress.
    10. 16, except I only have bad luck.
    11. anything potatoes…and many, many veggies
    12. Legends Of The Fall
    13. Ever heard of Bigfoot?
    14. You shameless hussy you. I am shamelessly poor, you are outta luck.

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  6. nicholas says

    1 Nicholas
    2 Florida
    3 Yes

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  7. Tracie says

    This is a great idea for a TT on my site. Mind if I answer your questions next week on my own site for my TT? I’ll link back here of course. :)

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  8. WackyMommy says

    Be my guest.

    November 29th, 2007 | #

  9. Mallory says

    1. Mallory M’lastname
    2. SE Portland, Oregon
    3. I have sleep “issues.” So no.
    4. My teddybear was a bunny named Hoppy I got when I was 7 and got my tonsils out. These days I sleep with a live stuffed animal, my cat Smokey. As bed partners go, I’ve had worse.
    5. I am a Whatchamacallit–I am an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a dork….
    6. In theory, I would miss you if you didn’t post, lol
    7. My favorite blogs are Miss Zoot, Amalah, Joy Unexpected, Vixen, Rockstar Mommy, Dooce, Purple Goddess In Frog Pyjamas, and oh, yeah, YOU
    8. I work for Ye Olde HMO, helping seniors keep their peepers. I love my patients.
    9. I make no moolah from the blog. I am happy when I get a few comments, lol.
    10. 8 because it is the symbol for infinity plus it resembles my figure, hee
    11. Potato salad
    12. When Harry Met Sally, Good Will Hunting, too many to list
    13. It may sound weird but because I am Native American I have very little body hair. I don’t shave my legs at all, and my pits I shaved last week and they are still barely stubbled.
    14. Sure, but after Christmas as I am too broke to pay attention!

    November 30th, 2007 | #

  10. Jenny McB says

    1) Who are you? – Jennymcb

    2) Where do you live? Middle of New Hampshire

    3) Have you been sleeping well? Not since the kittens have discovered my bed, my husband is going to be somewhat ticked off when he realizes that that the kittens have found out how to get under the covers.

    4) Do you still cuddle with a teddy bear? Did you ever? No, but since pregnancy, I do still hug a pillow occasionally.

    5) If you could be a candy bar, which one would it be? coffee crisp

    6) Do you miss me when I don’t post? Wait, I always post. Invalid question. (I’ve almost made it through November.) (Oh, that first post! It was so long ago.) Um. Do you get sick of hearing me talk? Yes, i miss your irreverence and sense of humor.

    7) Which blogs are your favorites? Why yours of course and what I have on my sidebard.

    8) What do you do for “real” work, or do you make so much money off your site that this is your “real” job? My badge says Laboratory sales and marketing specialist- lol, I know nothing about sales or marketing, but can talk to most anyone about lab tests.

    9) If so, what’s your secret? Tell me now. I’ll wait. So will others. Go ahead. I can be very passive aggressive and will clam up around my family which pisses them off. I hate arguing.

    10) What’s your lucky number? 4- Bobby Orr- The Hockey God of New England

    11) What’s your favorite side dish? Garlic mashed potatos

    12) Favorite movie? So many, but Shawshank Redemption is right up there with Breakfast Club and Ferris Beueller

    13) Last time you shaved? Dam, you just reminded me that I ran out of shaving cream and forgot to pick it up two days ago on my shopping trip. So, yea, on Tuesday.

    Have a great weekend, hope the house prep goes well.

    November 30th, 2007 | #

  11. nan says

    1. Nan, your friendly neighbourhood foreigner.

    2. I live in Trinidad, the most beautiful place in the world. It is HOT.

    3. I always sleep well.

    4. Never was into teddy bears. Always had a cat. They are better.

    5. Candy bar? Plain dark chocolate. They say that says a lot about personality, but I can’t remember what.

    6. Keep talking.

    7. Fave blogs? You, Antique Mommy, Woulda Shoulda Coulda… A few others…

    8. I am an artist, and I actually make money. I do glazed and fired tile work, some pretty BIG stuff. I get my inspiration from tropical flora and fauna, lots of bright colours. Working hard these days, my youngest is 6 so I can get plenty done while they are all at school.

    9. My SECRETS?? You want me to post these online?! Are you mad? My husband and parents and all read my blog! My friend’s teenaged daughter! I have to keep up the law-abiding, clean-cut Mommy thing!

    10. Lucky number? I hope it’s 13 cause I just sent 13 small pieces to a craft sale and if they all sell, it will be sweeeeet!

    11. All food is my favorite! Okay, callalloo.

    12. I love movies! I will watch anything, and enjoy myself immensely.

    13. I wax my armpits, because I spend my life in sleeveless tops. My legs? Ummm… They are bad. Been wearing long pants lately! Weeks!

    14. I wonder what it would cost to ship a TShirt all the way here? I wonder if it would make it??

    November 30th, 2007 | #

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