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Post-a-Vistas #2: An Interview with the Irrepressible Planet Nomad

February 7th, 2008

Post-a-vista No. 2: Planet Nomad

Planet Nomad, this is everyone. Everyone, this is PLANET NOMAD! (I always want to sing that Duran Duran song — “this is planet earth/ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!!!/this is planet earth…”) There! It’s done. Now we all know each other.

So, Post-a-vistas!!!!!

“If the system makes you want to “tweak,” then maybe you need tweaking!!!!!

Time will tell!!!!!” (Our mantra.)

In the meantime, Elizabeth is yummy-cute and unusually interesting. Ordinarily, she lives in Africa, but right now she’s living on the fancy West Side of Portland, Oregon, right here in my hometown! Does this mean that I see her more often? Not really, as we are both a little busy!!! She has an adorable and talented hubs and three adorable and kooky kids. And… we went to college together!!! So let’s hear what SHE has to say!!!

1. Describe your family: Snide. Everyone is snide. Also, somewhat on the gassy side, although maybe that’s normal for boys and their twins.

2. Name one thing America is doing right for parents (I, personally, would find this question “challenging.” wm): Everyone has lots of options. People have clean water, our flour is enriched with basic vitamins and minerals so that we’re all pretty healthy overall, if a baby is born with a cleft palate or club foot, it’s pretty much fixed at birth. I know we have our own issues with poverty, but frankly, do you personally know anyone in America without these things? Public schools have issues, but every kid does have the opportunity to get an education.

Also, I appreciate that we still have choice, in general, as parents, to raise our children as we see fit. I trip out over things like the ever-increasing age of the booster seat requirements, and how you now must legally wear a helmet to ride a bike. Yes, these are good things, but part of me resents being told what to do. I worry about the trend. Will they soon penalize me if I buy a box of sugar-infested Froot Loops (which I wouldn’t anyway, but that’s not my point). What about if I choose to spank?

3. Name one thing America is not doing right for parents: I really think it’s horrible that so many parents struggle so hard to provide basic health insurance for their kids. I think things like vaccinations should be free, and basic health care should be provided for all. I also think we need to prioritize education much more heavily. Isn’t anyone else sick of having our kids rank lowest amongst industrialized nations in math and science, while our athletes are among the highest paid in the world? How about our daycare workers receiving minimum wage while our garbage collecters are unionized and making three times as much?

Also…ok I’ll shut up now. But I was thinking about the disease of materialism and how much it affects us all. I don’t have a problem if you buy your kids some fun stuff; I love to do that, too. But it seems we all have so very much stuff. When you live in a poor country for a while and then come back, all the constant pressure to buy more and more stuff can make you feel physically ill. Do we really need to buy crap for some “holiday” every single month?

4. What’s one parenting issue that really “riles you up,” makes you ready to work for change: Health insurance for all! I can’t figure out the people who abhor socialized medicine. And education. It seems teachers have to worry about too many extra things, when really what I want is for them to just educate the kids. (But I am definitely Pro Spelling.)

5. Who’s gonna get your vote for President ’08 & why? (feel free to ignore this question): I AM going to ignore this! The election is not until NOVEMBER, people! I’m already sick of it. There are other things happening in the world, you know. (Edited to say: This reminds me of the time I hit my first due date, hugely pregnant with Wacky Girl, and Planet Nomad felt inclined to tell me: “Your due date is just a suggested date. It’s not an actual due date. You won’t be overdue for two more weeks.” I wept. But she was right. My baby arrived, fat and happy, ten days later. WM)

6. Name one thing Post-a-Vistas could do to be a better place?: Free chocolate springs to mind. (Edited to say: After I had my baby, she brought me vegetable korma. And chocolate cookies. WM)

7. What’s your fave thing about parenting?: My kids. They are so funny and sweet and I’m so proud to be their mother.

8. Anything else you think we should know about you?: Other than the fact that I have a mysterious birthmark shaped like a coffee stain and am directly descended from the unfortunate Anne Boleyn, nothing springs to mind.

Thanks for playing, Planet Nomad!!! Keep coming back, it works!


  1. ash says

    Excellent answers nomad!
    Keep it coming WM!

    February 9th, 2008 | #

  2. edj says

    Thanks, Ash.

    February 9th, 2008 | #

  3. nan says

    Vaccinations aren’t free????? Huh??? I guess living in the third world isn’t so bad, especially as our infant mortality rate is better than yours, nyah nyah. (when last I checked) I am astounded. What about free clinics? I have taken my kids to local health centres several times in emergencies, because they were closer and they are good here. It was free, and you get free antibiotics and stuff. Our doctor is fine with that.

    And are you REALLY descended from Anne Boleyn? Cool! Cuz I am descended from Henry. Haha! So be very afraid…

    February 9th, 2008 | #

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