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Whine for Beer

February 14th, 2008

“Wine for beer?” As in, “drink wine first, then beer”? I don’t know who said this last week, or in what context, but my kids have interpreted the statement as, “Whine for beer.”

Which explains why they’re upstairs giggling right now, saying, “I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed beer! Give me a beeeeeeeer! Why can’t I have beeeeeer?”

Dear God, please let my children grow up to not be boozehounds. Please? Thank you.



  1. edj says

    Your kids are awesome. That’s so funny!
    I think I will join them. I neeeeddd beeeerrrr too!

    February 15th, 2008 | #

  2. Steve says

    The funniest part was while WB was starting this up (very convincingly) in the bathroom, I left him in there and went to WG. She said, “What’s he yelling about?” Then they both started in.

    Good god, please don’t let them do this in front of strangers!

    February 15th, 2008 | #

  3. WackyMommy says

    Yeah, well our daughter just yelled, “I’ll have vodka!” in front of school, after dismissal.

    February 15th, 2008 | #

  4. Dawn says

    hee hee :)

    February 16th, 2008 | #

  5. edj says

    To which you no doubt replied, “Not before 5:00, darling.” Right?

    February 16th, 2008 | #

  6. MamaToo says

    love this. too funny.
    Beer – they must be from the microbrew capital of the world. :) Oh, and I’m with WG – vodka, indeed, would go well with thin mints.

    February 19th, 2008 | #

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