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Rockstar Mommy Sez “Goodbye.”

March 1st, 2008

dear internets,

This is the worst news I’ve gotten all week, cuz I love my girl Rockstar Mommy. We have coffee talk together five mornings a week. She made a joke once about “the good ol’ days” when commenters were me and just a few others. Then something huge happened — her blog exploded. I mean, like a comet, like a bomb detonating, just boom — exploded. Hundreds of comments, assclowns galore, trolls and stalkers, tons of new readers, plus her regular crew. She must have felt like Britney. If only, you know, Britney was “crazeee” and not mentally ill, and if she could write the way Rockstar Mommy writes. Girl can write (and photograph, and make amazing art, in addition to taking care of her two adorable kids, her hunky husband, going to college and everything else she does).

So I understand why she’s making this decision. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Also, she took away the archives, so no reading for those of you who are just now finding her. Go see Fade to Numb, The Germ, Amalah, Joy Unexpected, Miss Zoot, Dad Gone Mad, Snickrsnack Katie, Steenface, Attention Whore, Carrisa, who may or may not give you her new url… Goddammit, wah. Maybe RSM will change her mind, say, Monday morning? When I’m sitting down with my coffee? That would be good.

Am in mourning. Will post again next week.


Wacky Mommy

“This will be the final entry on Rockstarmommy.

After much deliberation, I’ve come to the decision to end the blog and all that comes with it. It’s a decision that has been long in the making and, quite frankly, long overdue. I thought maybe revamping the site would change my mind, but it’s only reassured me that I’m 100% making the right decision. A once light-hearted hobby has turned into a chore that sucks up every last ounce of my free (and sometimes not-so-free) time, leaving my family competing with the internet for my attention and me not living REAL life and all the things I’ve always said I wanted to do with it. Some people are able to find the real life/internet balance. I’ve tried many times and have failed each and every one of them. My family is waiting for me and I’m not going to waste away our lives on this machine anymore. Other Rockstar Mommies will come and they will go, just like they have since I’ve started this site, but they will not be me. I’m off to live my real life to the best of my ability and enjoy my family and kids while I’ve got them. It’s been quite the experience, Internet. And just remember, we’ll always have Paris.

Au revoir.

PS of the Who Am I, Barbara Streisand? Variety:

Thank you ALL for the laughs and support over the years and for saying goodbye. I’m surprised that some of you are surprised by this – it’s been something I’ve been pondering for quite a while. I’ve tried weening myself and have consistently gotten sucked back in. It’s time to go cold turkey, all at once, and rip off the bandaid. I’m not going to shrivel up in a ball and die. This site has been holding me back for quite a while. Change is hard, but it’s good, too. It’s not only time for me to focus on my family and my son’s health, but it’s time for new adventures. I’ve taken this one as far as I can. It’s been a learning experience and I’ve made a lot of great friends. Thank you all for sharing this phase of my life with me. I hope you’re around for the next, too, whatever it may be. But I assure you, it won’t be this. I’ve grown up and changed way too much to come back to this. And so I am happily departing. I’ll see you all around. Enjoy your lives and take of yourselves and your families. There’s nothing more important. :)”


  1. Elle says

    I am also sad as I have grown to love the RSM blog and photos. :-( Meh.

    March 1st, 2008 | #

  2. MamaToo says

    sad, but also commendable – to know one’s priorities, know when one is not living accordingly, know the solution, and to act upon it.
    I’m surprised (but hopeful it’s not the case) that you haven’t had the same sentiments. You are a wonderful RSM in your own wacky way! :)

    March 2nd, 2008 | #

  3. Mallory says

    Aw, what a bummer. Its a good reminder to keep it all in perspective. I sure will miss her sense of humor. It feels like I am losing a friend, for real.

    March 3rd, 2008 | #

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