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May 28th, 2008

Another meme???? I love you, memes. Me me me. Vixen started it.

Here are the rules:
1. Each player answers questions about themselves.
2. At the end of the post, tag 5 people by posting their names.
3. Go to their site/blog and leave a comment telling them they’ve been tagged. Invite them to your site/blog so they can read the tagged post.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve completed your tagged post.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Falling in love with my husband. Planning our wedding. Quitting the job I’d had for eight years to freefall into what I did not know. (It all worked out okay.)

2. What are 5 things on your “To Do” list?
a. Take out the recycling
b. Get rid of all the paperwork piled up on the tables and counters around here.
c. Do the damn laundry.
d. Dishes?
e. Make a real “to do” list that isn’t just basic maintenance. (ie — Go to Rome. Get a book published. etc.)

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy? (In no specific order)
Brownies, Hav’ a Chips, guacamole, popcorn with M&Ms poured in the bowl, tamari almonds.

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Pay for librarians for a few schools. Buy food for a bunch of people who needed it. That would take care of the million. Is it more than one million? If I was a 3 millionaire, I’d buy myself a ’64 Impala and a garage to keep it in, pay off the bills, and pay off the mortgages for my family. Um. I think that would add up to 5 million.

5. Name some places where you’ve lived.
Manhattan, Vancouver, Wash., SE, NE, SW, North Portland.

6. Name some bad habits you have.
I fucking hate FaceBook and MySpace and all that and if someone suggests I blog over there I ask them “Are you fucking nuts? Those places do not even count as blogs. They’re like, all purple disco lights and flashy and that is not writing, how is that even creative???” etc. This is kind of obnoxious, when I get like this. Also, when one of the moms at school told me how much she loves MySpace because you can go back in and delete your old comments (is this true, MySpacers?) I was like, Fuck that. You write it here, I own it. But if you e me and say, Uh, I didn’t mean to say I was going to beat up my husband’s ex-wife, I was only teasing! then of course I will delete your comment.

7. Name some jobs you’ve had.
Um. Soda jerk, waitress, Avon salesperson, journalist, social worker, facer. You know what a facer is? The person who turns everything face out on the grocery shelves. It was kinda fun, but kinda mind-numbing at the same time. That is when I had the experience of dropping a stuffed toy tomato, a plushy toy, on its face, and it said, “Jesus loves you just the way you are.” I knew then I had to quit that job, cuz that was some scary shit, right there.

(Thus was my introduction to Veggie Tales.)

8. Name those whom you are tagging.
I’ll steal Vixen’s line: You. And you. And you hiding over there, behind the wall. You are it. (Plus Zip, Planet Nomad, Under Construction, Lelo and RSG.)


  1. Vixen says

    I am so glad I gave you the excuse to talk about yourself. You should do that more often.

    I nearly laughed my head off about the plushy tomato.

    May 29th, 2008 | #

  2. Lelo says

    I think that plushy tomato lied to you. ;)

    I never do these memes. But being tagged by you? I did.

    May 29th, 2008 | #

  3. Jess says

    I love the first one. You know what a sucker I am for a good love story.

    May 29th, 2008 | #

  4. Sharpie says

    A facer, huh? Kinda makes my DH’s (undiagnosed) OCD seem like a perfect fit?? Did you do it in your house – just out of habit?? Thanks for the laughs!

    May 30th, 2008 | #

  5. nan says

    Oh, I would never have been able to decide which five snacks. That’s too hard!

    Is fudge a snack?

    June 2nd, 2008 | #

  6. Memes R Us « Planet Nomad says

    […] 7, 2008 in Uncategorized My good-but-busy friend  Nancy tagged me for a meme. I tend to not like memes, since I harbour a secret conviction that no one […]

    June 7th, 2008 | #

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