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Barack against McCain

October 7th, 2008

I’m talking to one of my Jeff Demo friends today and I say, You know last year, when I thought the Demos weren’t going to take both titles (men’s and women’s, 5-A b-ball), I’m not saying that I would have died, had they lost, but I would have died if they lost.

And now I’m feeling like, if Mr. Obama loses, I’m gonna die.

She says, He’s not losing and you’re not dying.

With that in mind, I taped the debate today between Mr. Obama and John McCain and… here we go. I’m fidgety, I’m a little aggravated, I’m having trouble watching this, because my heart is pounding so loud.

Lady from the audience: How can we trust either of you, when both parties are the ones who got us into this mess?

Me: That’s what she said!

Tom Brokaw: How can we all stop getting drunk?

Me: Don’t drink and drink!

My husband: I was really hoping to watch this.

Me: Yeah.

That reminds me of a joke Zip-Zip told me:

Sitting behind a couple of nuns (whose habits partially blocked their view) at a Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Game, three men decided to badger the nuns in an effort to get them to move. In a loud voice, the first guy says: “I’m moving to Manitoba, there are only 100 nuns living there.” Second guy says: “I wanna go to Nova Scotia, there are only 50 nuns there.” Third guy says: “I want to go to Newfoundland, there are only 25 nuns living there.” One of the nuns turns around and says: “Why don’t you go to Hell, there aren’t any nuns there.”

Back to the debate:

Mr. Obama: …we need that money at home!

Me: Tell it like it are, Barack!

And… one more from the Anti-Christ:
Mr. McCain: If it’s left up to me, we’ll win this war.

Me: We’re not leaving it up to you.

Go, Mr. Obama, go. Win this race. (McCain didn’t do well in the debate, in my opinion. How can you tell he’s lying? His mouth is moving.)

Go, Mr. Obama. Win it.


  1. The Other Laura says

    I too feel like I have something hugely personal invested in the presidential race and if (Holy God Forbid) Obama does not win, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it. I may have to move to Canada.

    October 8th, 2008 | #

  2. Zipdodah says

    If Obama doesn’t win, I’ll be on my way to Manitoba …

    October 9th, 2008 | #

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