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November 7th, 2008

Oh, Chris Cornell. Ouch. Too bad you had to leave your sexy-awesome wife and run off with… a French model? What? (I may be getting the story entirely wrong.) (I don’t think so, though.)

Note: Kim Thayil in background looking remarkably like Young Steve, circa 1989.

(Also, would kill to find copy of interview Ann Magnuson did with Soundgarden, “Sub Zep?” for Spin, February 1992. I believe this is the interview wherein she asked them, “Who would you kill if murder was legal?” and Kim Thayil got all huffy, Well, it’s not. “But what if it was?” Well, it’s NOT. “Sheesh, Ted Nugent wouldn’t have a problem with this one.” hahahahaha Ann Magnuson, you are funny, funny girl.)

(Why am I rambling? Why am I posting all this? Cuz you know I am feeling thoroughly, totally, completely outshined at the moment.)



ps my mom-in-law is in town. We will consume wine, celebrate Kim Thayil’s Hockey God’s birthday early and eat cranberry sauce. TTFN.

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  1. Nan says

    Ahhh, sexy man without shirt! How did you know I needed that, this Saturday Morn? Enjoy your weekend!

    November 8th, 2008 | #

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