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february is not so fun.

February 21st, 2009

it’s been two years since we lost our dear, crazy dog. i still am yearning to get another pup. we will not get a pup. we would love to be dog people but we are just not dog people, i am sorry to say.

we’re not really cat people, either. or fish people. or guinea pig people. we are people-people.

People who need people/
are the luckiest people/
in the world…”

— B. Streisand

i need people, people. i need my internet people, my librarian people, my family people, my friend people and my Nekkid Neighbor people.

i need my grandma, people. I need my friend S, people. Cuz when she’s goofy from pain pills (she messed up her arm) well. She’s always funny, but she’s extra-funny on the “happy pills.”

today started out ok, even though my husband refused to watch this YouTube video with me:

that’s right. sometimes you need to start off the weekend with a little Tony Manero.

“Hey, you guys do layaway? Put me down for five dollars for that blue shirt in the window. Hold it for me.”

— T. Manero

we went to the eye doctor’s, where I was informed i need bifocals. excuse me — “progressives” — and that they may make me want to throw up while i’m getting used to wearing them. middle-age is so cool, i am loving it. i am gobbling it up.

out to pizza schmizza for lunch, then home, where I received a call from my aunt, chipper and over-animated, “Hi kid, how are ya?” me, hesitantly, “Good…” (thinking, “someone died…”) “…and you?”

“Good! Say, Grandma broke her hip.”

i love my grandma. she is under sedation and in the hospital.

this sucks.

as do happy-perky phone calls that carry loaded news right smack-dab in the middle.

say prayers and light candles for my granny, would you? She turns 89 in July. She shouldn’t have been walking in the store, by herself, that is no good. You know what she says when I call her? “Yeah, I’m a little tired. I was out late at the clubs again. You know.” She fractures me. There should be no fractured or broken hips in this post, just my grandma cracking me up because she is funny girl, my granny.

Candles and prayers or good thoughts or whatever you do would be nice. Thank you.

Here are some posts about her. She’s a pistol.


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