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April 2nd, 2009

1) blog
2) see my granny
3) get the kids to and from school
4) fix dinner
5) okay, think about fixing dinner
6) stir-fry and apple pie
7) make poems that rhyme: stir-fry and apple pie/way up high/up in the sky/woot!
8) no future as poet. blog on other blog.
9) study for my online course, Human Development
10) finally finish the first six chapters of the HONKIN’ HUGE textbook with the teeeeeeeeny-tiny little print
11) yes, i did get a pair of “progressives” due to the fact that “i cannot read such teeeeeeeeeeny-tiny-witsy-bitsy print.” but i can’t deal with using them, they make everything go skittery. Today, however, I have worn them for an entire hour. Well almost an entire hour.
12) i can feel old
13) but not as old as my granny
14) she sez: Count your blessings
15) try to sign up to take first exam, which must be skedded two weeks out. Get e-mail from anon. PSU person that says, Use Blackboard
16) find blackboard. Excuse me — Blackboard — even tho anon. person did not include url. Is it too much effin’ trouble to have attached the url, or is finding it part of the exam? (which even tho it is multiple-guess, i have profound terror of.) (of which i have a profound terror.) (even tho am solid A/B student.)
17) start watching Nova DVD, The Miracle of Life (Lennart Nilsson)
18) (I can also spell “Lennart Nilsson” correctly without even thinking about it)
19) (does that count for something? two extra points?)
20) “The fertilized egg, now with genetic material from both parents, moves through the tube through the uterus…” (hit pause on DVD. thank lucky stars am not pregnant. there are some benefits to this whole “getting older” thing.) (i ponder that for a minute. Yep, it’s okay to be in your forties.)
21) I need another cup of coffee. Get a cup of coffee (I love my thermos. Steve bought it for me so I can take Snow Snakes to hockey games. I always have a nice cuppa coffee ready. Or a Snow Snake.)
22) blog again.
23) Have I done enough for the day?
24) I think so. I’ll finish watching the DVD, though.
25) but first, the recipe for Snow Snakes: hot cocoa with a shot of peppermint schnapps, whipped cream on top drizzled w/ Creme de Menthe in the shape of a snake. Bon drinking!


  1. LIB says

    Whenever things are bad around here, I say, to Chris, “It could be worse–I could be pregnant.”

    (Talk about putting things in perspective.)

    April 2nd, 2009 | #

  2. Vixen says

    A couple of thoughts: I must have one of those drinks. Now. Getting old sucks most days. But sometimes not. 40s are okay, but not as good as 20s. Granny is right, we should be counting. But I am to tired to get past two.

    Lastly, you have another blog???????????

    April 2nd, 2009 | #

  3. WackyMommy says

    Lib, heard that.

    Vixen, e me and I’ll send you the url.



    April 2nd, 2009 | #

  4. Elizabeth says

    Spelling Lennart Nilsson correctly without thinking about it scores big with me! ;-)

    April 2nd, 2009 | #

  5. zipdodah says

    Forties? You whipper snappers…. 50 is where it’s at. You can bring your boda bag with you filled with Snow Snakes anywhere….skiing, to the mall, swim practice, hockey games, etc. And ya know what? No worries cuz everyone will think it’s your “kidney bag.” That’s right, no one will give you a second glance, you’re home free…
    I count my blessings every day with a slab of bacon. WM – I’m spit shining my bifocals for our visit tomorrow….xxoo

    April 2nd, 2009 | #

  6. wacky cousin says

    Bon drinking, indeed.

    April 3rd, 2009 | #

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