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hockey, hockey, hockey (spoiler alert)

May 11th, 2009

Did you know that they still have play-off games for the Stanley Cup, even over Mother’s Day weekend? And I do like hockey, so we’ve been watching a LOT of games. Yet, I’m ready for the craziness to stop. Well, not stop. Advance. I’m ready for advanced craziness.

Tonight we’re watching the games in the wrong order, so we just watched the end of the Chicago/Vancouver game. Chicago took it and I was happy cuz I do love the Blackhawks. Now we’re watching the Pittsburgh/Washington game (which was actually earlier this evening) and we do like the Penguins and we do not care for the Capitals and… we’re watching the game. (Edited later to say: Pens lost. But we’ve got one more chance.) And I’m blogging. Not eating snacks because the Wii Fit, she is an evil mistress. With that little teeny voice that boldly tells you, that’s overweight.

We were also watching the school board meeting, at the same time as the games, and Internets, it was like PPS Equity had thrown up on one monitor and More Hockey Less War had thrown up on the other monitor and I could not avert my eyes. By the by, do you realize that Hockey God has not updated his hockey blog since April 21st? Even though it’s play-off season? Probably because it’s play-off season? You need to work on the dedication to hockey over there, big fella. What’s the point of a hockey blog if it goes dormant during peak season? But you know he doesn’t ever give you the big love like I do.

A few things, in no particular order:

* Our neighbors’ big tree lost big branches and no, they did not land on the kids or go through the windows, thank God, but the one did fill up the entire side yard. Also it was scary as hell. Also this random huge storm we had that took down a number of trees in the area — it happened three days after my Grandma died. I am convinced that this storm was the rage of Dear Granny. Lord knows the woman had a temper.

* It bothers me, that she passed right before Mother’s Day. I am of the mind that you have to take the sweet along with the bitter, but it has been rough. The service was four days before Mother’s Day.

* Do you believe in purgatory? I think I do.

* Do you believe there was only one clown in the St. Johns Parade this year? Ronald McDonald. That was it. (This is not him. This is from the Beaterville float, obviously. Did you know they sponsor a stock car? Hockey God is hap-hap-happy about that one.) WTF?? Clowns for Christ, please explain yourselves.

* Do you believe in the J. Geils Band?

* Were you wanting to talk about the St. Johns Parade, which we went to on Saturday, after Lelo told me, and I’m quoting here, that I should “man up” and go? Wacky Mommy TAKES the challenge GOES to the parade and is PSYCHED to find that it was the BEST YEAR EVER. And I go every year so I know. Thanks, Lelo, you were RIGHT ON ABOUT THAT.

* Do you believe that one of the high school bands at the parade (Benson, I think?) played the song “Centerfold” and another band played Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny Jenny”? Do you believe that Teen Moms Rock? HELL TO THE YEAH. We also saw a big pink poodle (not stuffed, live. Dyed pink. Not a great dye job, but eh, who am I to criticize?) KICK about FOUR DOGS’ ASSES along the way as it strutted off leash during the parade. She was all, “I’m off leash, ya bitches. Bite me. No, wait, I’ll bite you.” No, we did not get photos, unfortunately. It was a big blur.

* People, could we perhaps have stuck with this year’s theme of Oregon’s 150th birthday instead of veering toward dog fights and hot teen sex?

* Now I have to post “Jessie’s Girl” for Miz Y. Just cuz. Hot teen sex.

* Sorry, but after watching that J. Geils mess I have to link to Nirvana. Mo’ bettah cheerleaders. Geez, did things change a lot in ten years or what?


  1. Lelo says

    I’m glad you went. And I’m glad I knew that if I used an offensive challenge like that it would work. Hee hee hee. It was pretty good. I loved the kid walking with his chickens in a cage.

    May 12th, 2009 | #

  2. Qanzas says

    I’m sorry the clowns were in hiding, but it looks like it was fun anyway.

    What’s Beaterville?

    May 12th, 2009 | #

  3. WackyMommy says

    Beaterville is our Hip Neighborhood Eatery with Car/Hubcap Theme. Even when we didn’t live over here, we’d still drive across town to have breakfast there.

    May 12th, 2009 | #

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