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May 13th, 2009

Chez Wacky is happy to report that the Pittsburgh Penguins just KICKED HOCKEY ASS. They won Game 7 tonight in the eastern conference semi-final over the Washington Capitals and will ADVANCE to the conference finals gooooooo PENS! (They’ll play Boston or Carolina.) My late, hockey-lovin’ friend Regis is, no doubt about it, happy about this news, so happy. Somewhere in a peaceful locale, Heaven, Nirvana, what-have-ya, he’s wearing a tie and a dress shirt, just like he did here on Earth whenever the Pens won, to celebrate this happy occasion, clicking his heels together and grinning that great big grin. (Regis was originally from Pittsburgh, as are Hockey God and his dad. Hi, Poppy!)

Mia already knew the score, no DOUBT, as she most likely watched the game live, not tivo-ed. (Mia, the kids knew we wanted to watch the game and boycotted bedtime. It is almost 11 here, for cripe’s sake.)

Quote of the night, from one of the announcers: “The cheese does fall off the cracker now and then.”

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