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Today’s rain brought to you by…

June 19th, 2009

…me. Hanging out three loads of laundry. Woo-hooooooo.

Yeah, you’re welcome.

Hoping Sunday Parkways bike ride/walk/skateboard extravaganza doesn’t get rained out this weekend…

Meanwhile, we were worried that our little Killer African Dwarf Frog was getting lonely, with no lovin’ (his friend died yesterday. or the day before. Possibly Tuesday, I have to tell you — I don’t always keep the closest eye on the frogs. They’re a little aloof.)

“He’s lonely now cuz they used to do it,” says Wacky Boy, smiling wickedly and running out of the room.

Yes, sex ed begins at home.

So we got him a little friend, and more plants so they can hide when they do it.

Like they care about modesty.

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