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Say yes to Cesar Chavez Blvd.

June 25th, 2009

Almost two years later, I’m still blown away by this quote from a mom in my neighborhood:

“Rosa Parks was a law-breaker.”

I’m re-posting that link because in Portland, Ore. we’re still talking (arguing) about whether or not to re-name one of our streets after American hero Cesar Chavez. This time, 39th Avenue is under consideration.

Easy: Re-name it “Cesar Chavez Blvd./39th Avenue” and call it a day. You’re a business owner, you don’t want to buy new stationery or new business cards? Don’t then. You can keep calling it 39th.

People, can we be welcoming to non-whites in this town?

Love, love and peace to everybody,



  1. WackyMummy says

    Wow. I’ve heard a bit about the white community of Portland, and how hard it is for nonwhites to fit in. Isn’t there a bit of segregation going on there? I know each and everyplace cannot and should not be like each and every other place, but does one city on the map really want to make a name for themselves for their intolerance, unacceptance, prejudice? Do they want to raise another generation of haters? In the world we already live in which has unprecented levels of hate? Maybe they should think about that. What’s wrong will including and accepting and celebrating life and the differences that make things new and interesting? Or am I just wacked?
    I’m happy to be wacked. Bottom line. Oh, and by the way: Jesus was a law-breaker too. He broke the laws of the day, not just often but flagrantly. What do the haters think about that?!
    Seriously, hope it works out there. I don’t envy you that issue. (As I’m writing this from a town who doesn’t like outsiders and we’ve been gone from normal society for so long that I gawked in pleasure at the variety of races and cultures we saw in the city yesterday.)
    Take care.

    June 25th, 2009 | #

  2. Stephanie says

    Love the fact that Jesus was a law-breaker too, good point.

    The racism denial in this city is an epidemic! (clucking tongue and shaking head)

    June 26th, 2009 | #

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