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December 23rd, 2009

On the coffee table this week:

* “The Boy Who Drew Cats” was a gift from Zip — it’s a great book. Wacky Boy gives this one a stellar review of two-thumbs-up.

* I never read the “Julie of the Wolves” books when I was a kid — I missed out. They’re still fairly popular today, which thrills me. Read them and you’ll see why.

* “Honus & Me,” by Dan Gutman, is part of his Baseball Card Adventures series — “Jackie & Me,” “Shoeless Joe & Me,” etc. They’re really good — I like Gutman’s style with all of his fiction. Appeals to the boys, which is always a good thing. (They also take to Matt Christopher books, by the way, even the young men who aren’t sports-crazy.)

Have a good Wednesday.

— wm

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