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some thoughts on family life

February 7th, 2010

gosh, you can really use up a lot of geedee boxes when you’ve been squirreling away possessions like a family of squirrels hoarding nuts for ten years.


finding all kinds of crazy stuff: lost earrings, stuffed animals, favorite sweaters, shirts and panties (bedazzled!), the “6” date for the magnetic calendar. But the best thing has been 10 years’ worth of pix of the kids and journals.

from the preschool days: my daughter made up a dance and called it “the African Fresh Melon Dance.” It was wild, you should have seen it — all gyrating limbs and a lot of hopping.

She also wrote her first book: “The Dinosaurs of You.”

She’s still writing, and dancing. So are we.

“I don’t dance anymore!” — Wacky Girl



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  1. Nan says

    Yay for finding earrings and things! I have lost some things in this move. Annoying things like favourite black yoga pants. I probably have them wrapped around a teapot lid somewhere.

    Keep writing and dancing!!

    February 8th, 2010 | #

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