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you ever meet a friend, and you hit it off right away, and have all kinds of fun, AND THEN THEY MOVE?

August 3rd, 2010

have you ever had that happen to you? well, I have, and it makes me mad, sad, but happy (for her, not me) all at the same time.

i miss my friend Ms. New Orleans, but she’s off to the Gulf for a new job and some new fun with her old friends. (sigh.) And honestly, how much time am I going to have to party, anyway? School starts for me three weeks from tomorrow. If I am Gainfully Employed, I’ll start back to that school even sooner. She teaches, too, so we never have any damn time.

and then there are my kids, starting middle school, at a new school (obviously) and the third-grader, and HIS new school, and my husband, who never gets any attention. as a matter of fact, he’s patiently waiting, right over there on the couch, while I finishing type-typing away on this.

anyway. that’s all.



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