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“for the bigger-butted cat”

August 9th, 2010

Dave Barry once described Dockers pants as being for the “bigger-butted man,” and I thought that was real funny.

Until we all got super-sized.

Now along comes Steve, with a new door for the kitty-kitty-kittens.

Generously sized

He figures Wacky Cats 1 & 2 won’t go much over 15 pounds (they’re already 13 and 15 years old), but Baby?

“He’s gonna hit 20 pounds once he gets the middle-age spread going.”

We’re now the proud owners of the Big Cat Door, which can handle critters “large up to 25 pounds.”

In addition to the four-way security lock and the see-through rigid flap, you’ll find that it is “Generously sized for today’s large cats and small dogs.”

For the bigger-butted mammals in your life, this is the door you’ll want, yes, indeed.


  1. Jennymcb says

    Plus size access, love it! Maybe airlines might throw in some seats on a plane and charge for plus size seating.
    You may have a Baby, but we have a Punky, who we call Fatticus. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, our cats don’t go out because of other critters lurking in the woods behind us.

    August 11th, 2010 | #

  2. WackyMommy says

    Fatticus, I love the name ;) Yeah, ours are indoor guys now — too many coyotes and what-have-you.

    August 11th, 2010 | #

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