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the boy hates homework

October 19th, 2010

How To NOT Do Your Homework

By Wackyboy & his friends

Chapter #1 1st you feed it to your dog, cat ect. If you do not have one then you must “accidentally” drop it in the sink

Chapter #2 2nd ( if chose to drop it in the sink) fold it in half 20 times and throw it over the fence.

Chapter #3 3rd well actually 2nd if you feed it to a cat or a dog . Then you go tell your teacher that your dog/cat ate your homework.

Chapter #4 Now it happens that some teachers give you waterproof homework. If this happens then you should tear it up and put it on your dad/mom’s salad.

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  1. Nan says

    Chapter 4, suddenly realise at 6.45 on a Thursday morning that you have a model plant cell due today. Make a huge mess. Ask mum to pack your bag. Eat very little breakfast. Leave paint etc all over kitchen table along with assorted baked beans and a piece of a sausage. And two-sided tape, because glue would never have dried in time. The paint won’t either, it’ll be all over the inside of your school bag by the time you get to school and YOUR MOTHER DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW!

    October 21st, 2010 | #

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