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“would you believe in a love at first sight?

March 11th, 2011

that’s the line i love, and when Joe Cocker sings, “i’m certain/it happens/all the time…” (so steady.) (i love this song so much, esp. when you see the angel chorus of hippie boys singing back-up.)

and this one always gives me shivers, too. that’s his daughter, Mary, tucked into his coat on the back of the album cover. (Linda McCartney took the pic; Mary grew up to be a photog like mama.) (and that’s your music trivia for the day.)

Aw, those songs you grew up with, they stay with you forever, don’t they?

Then American Idol (or “American Ideal” as Wacky Boy calls it) comes along to cuss it up.

and… here is “Inception Remade as a 60-second Victorian Woodcut Animation.” Nicely done.

ps — have a splendid weekend.

pss — what’s a weekend? hahaha.

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