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September 29th, 2011

This column from (the now dearly departed) Molly Ivins is from 2006, but needs a re-run. We just canceled our subscription to the Oregonian — this time, the break-up is final.

We were only subscribing to it so the kids could read the funny papers. Then one of the kids decided that the funny papers weren’t so funny, and stopped reading them. So we were subscribing so one of the kids could read the funnies. It’s not worth 38 bucks every two months, sorry, kid. I can read the obits on line; that’s all I was using it for. They went back to the smeary (less-expensive) ink, so I can’t even use it to wrap dishes and breakables when we move.

And we don’t have birds over here.

No more Dulcy Mahar, gardening goddess at large. Miss you, sweet girl.

No more Sunday TV guide.

No more, uh, news. Or news staff.

No more, no more. So we’re done.

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