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gratitude: day 9

November 9th, 2011

Today I am grateful because this is post #1,902 for me! I’ve been blogging a long time now, dang. (Valentine’s Day will mark seven years of bloggin’ goodness here at Wacky House.)

It is nice to have a place to put it all — these posts have turned into virtual baby books for my kids; I’ve collected enough recipes now for a cookbook; all the ups and downs and hard days and happy days — all in one spot. But the coolest, most unexpected part of it all has been meeting the readers/bloggers/artists/community people over the years, through my writings and ramblings. With the exception of the occasional troll (or three ;), it has been really good to get to “meet” y’all. (Some of you I actually know from “real” life, so that is funny, and sometimes unexpected, too.) With Facebook, Google+, Twitter and everything else, readership is way down, but whatever. Some of you are still sticking with me. I never check my stats or incoming links any more. So I am not sure of the specifics, but like I said, whatever.

So thank you. On this cold, dark November night, from my part of the world (North America, USA, the Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Portland ‘burbs, specifically) to wherever you might be — thanks a bunch.


— nancy

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