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March 1st, 2016

Winter sky
(Photo by Steve Rawley)

going through the paperwork, shredding, recycling and filing. found four! book lists, so here they are, combined into one.

happy reading, babies!

— wm

ps this is my 2,144th blog post. Huh!

anything by Carol Shields
“Notes from the Country Club” Kim Wozencraft
“Henry & Clara” Thomas Mallon
“Taf” Annie Callan
short stories by Brady Udall
Jacqueline du Pre’s autobiography
“Wild Child” Chelsea Cain
“Life Without Water” Nancy Peacock
“Second Draft of My Life” Sara Lewis
“The Answer is Yes But I Love You Anyway”
“Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage” Madeleine L’Engle
“Song of Myself” Walt Whitman
“Leaves of Grass”
“Tangiers: The Paul & Jane Bowles Story”
“The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu”
“The Rest of Life” Mary Gordon
“Composing a Life” Mary Catherine Bateson
“African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe” Doris Lessing
“Signs of Devotion” Maxine Chernoff
poetry — Rita Dove
“Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang” Joyce Carol Oates
“Girl, Interrupted” Susanna Kaysen
“Mama Makes Up Her Mind” Bailey White
Anne Rice novels
“Waiting to Exhale” Terry McMillan
“All the Pretty Horses” Cormac McCarthy
“Trouble” Fay Weldon
“A Spy in the House of Love” Anais Nin
“Mrs. Caliban” Rachel Ingles
novels by Lois Lowry
novels by Lois Duncan
novels by Sharon Flake
novels by Sharon Creech
novels by Sharon Draper
anyone named Sharon basically
“I Will Go Barefoot All Summer for You” Katie Letcher Lyle
“Greensleeves” Eloise Jarvis McGraw
“Sunshine” (Jacqueline Helton) by Norma Klein
“Fup” Jim Dodge
“Through Her Letters” Nancy Ritter Beard
“A Woman Making History” ed. Nancy F. Cott
“Daughters” Paule Marshall
“Prairyerth” William Least Heat Moon
“The Woman Warrior” Maxine Hong Kingston
“China Men”
“Tripmaster Monkey”
“Trinity” Leon Uris
“Stardust, 7-11, Route 57, A&W and So Forth” Patricia Lear
“Black Water” Joyce Carol Oates
“Not the End of the World” Rebecca Stowe
“The Golden Notebook” Doris Lessing
“Play with a Tiger”
“The Way Men Act” Elinor Lipman
anything by Joan Didion
anything by Margaret Atwood
anything by Joyce Carol Oates
“Black Looks” bell hooks
anything by bell hooks
Lynn Freed
“The Bungalow”
Christa Wolf
Sissela Bok
Alva Myrdal
“Childhood’s End”
“My Son’s Story” Nadine Gordimer
“Foucault’s Pendulum”
“Black Ice” Lorene Carey
“The Content of Our Characters” Shelby Steele
“Why Americans Hate Politics” E.J. Dionne
“Caroline’s Daughter” Alice Adams
“Almost Perfect” Alice Adams
“The Music Room” Dennis McFarland
“Low Life” Luke Sants
“A Thousand Acres” Jane Smiley
anything by Jane Smiley
anything by Anne Tyler
“Mile Zero” Thomas Sanchez
“In a Different Voice” Carol Gilligan
“Skipped Parts” Tim Sandlin
anything by Tim Sandlin

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