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Sunday Book Review and how are you?

March 19th, 2023

Winter 2021-2022

“The Light,” by Nancy Ellen Row Rawley

Why would I be posting this photo, now that spring is almost here? Because it’s still snowing up and down the west coast, that’s why. #globalwarming and we’re all confused. It will be OK. We had sunshine and warmth the past few days, it was much needed.

I found these awesome picture books in my mailbox, wanna hear about them? They’re going to make some kids happy, they’re pretty sweet.

Presenting… “Moms Can Do It All!” and “Dads Can Do It All!” a pair of titles written by Ted Maass and illustrated by Ekaterina Trukan (Grosset & Dunlap, 2023, $8.99 apiece.) Well. OK. Sure, we can, but constantly? Because what about the times when we’re so tired we beg the babies to just watch Elmo or Spongebob on loop, while we nap next to them on the couch? What about the times when you serve mac n cheese, applesauce and toast, again and again, because it’s all they will eat?

No, we can’t do it all, and we shouldn’t hafta. We’re not superheroes, only we are? It’s confusing. Yeah, we are superheroes, it’s true. You’ll see when you grow up, kiddos. In the meantime, these cool little ’60s-style board books, with their primary colors, Fisher-Price type peeps and pets, along with the positive messages they share, will leave you feeling… happy. They’re right! We absolutely can do it all. (But you don’t have to, mommies and daddies. Just do your best. Ay-ay, captain! Elmo and his goldfish Dorothy loooooove naps!)

Here comes a new book from Mr. G (Ben Gundersheimer) and illustrator Dow Phumiruk, “We’ll Make Things Better Together” (Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin Random House, out this spring, 2023, $18.99). Cheerful, playful book about all the ways communities can work together to make the world better. Only, where’s the music? Because the words sound like lyrics. Sweet illustrations, too.

“How to Get Your Octopus to School,” with words by Becky Scharnhorst and ptictures by Jaclyn Sinquett (Flamingo Books/Penguin Random House, scheduled for release spring of 2023, ages 4 and up, $18.99). Hey, octopus! Ready for school? You’ll need school supplies, buddy. And a backpack, lunch, a new outfit… don’t be shy, you’ve got this! No need to throw ink around. Cute book that will help ease reluctant students into the classroom.

And now, my new favorite: “Can We Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers?” Yes, please. Make it happen, please. This beautifully illustrated, lovely book, was given to us by illustrator Kristen Uroda and written by Junauda Petrus. (Dutton Children’s Books/Penguin Random House, scheduled for release April 2023, all ages, $18.99.) Petrus, a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a Coretta Scott King honoree, has done an outstanding job with this picture book, which reads like a gorgeous, lyrical poem. I’d like to live in a world run by the grandmothers. (Bonus: the playlist that is included on the flyleaf.)

All for now, talk soon!


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