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More Kids’ Books: How to Thrive

March 25th, 2023

Winter 2021-2022

“Still Snowing” (photo by Nancy Ellen Row)

That’s an old photo, but you know what? It really did snow yesterday, to kick off spring break with a flourish. Yeah global warming, hi, you’re kicking all of our behinds.

“Here: I Can Be Mindful,” by Ally Condie, with illustrations by Jaime Kim (Viking/Penguin Random House, 2023, all ages, $18.99). I’m glad for today’s children that they’re able to learn about mindfulness, focus on breathing, meditate, do yoga. It’s part of the air we breathe now, and it’s a blessing. “Here: I Can Be Mindful” is a golden, sweet book that gives kids the tools to know when and how to inhale/exhale, ask for what they need, stay close, go far away. The pink bunny sidekick is a nice touch. It’s nice to see a book that is ethereal and grounded at the same time. The kids will be able to relate to this one, for sure.

“Even Superheroes Get Scared,” by Shelly Becker, illustrated by Eda Kaban (Union Square Kids/Sterling Publishing Co., 2022, ages 4 and up, $18.99). Superheroes! Beastie, Zing, Thrash and Laserman, at your service, along with Maqnifique, Screecher, Typhoon and Icky.

“Imagine superheroes, afraid of bugs!… Would that prevent them from chasing thugs?”

Comical rhyming book with a smart lesson, and vivid, likable characters.

“The Planet We Call Home,” written by Aimee Isaac, with pictures by Jaime Kim (Philomel/Penguin Random House, 2023, ages 3 and up, $18.99). More stunning work from Kim, and a friendly story by Isaac.

“This is our Earth, the planet we call home. These are the mountains stretching from Earth, the planet we call home.”

“Chasing God’s Glory,” written by Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young, with art by Alyssa de Asis (WaterBrook, 2023, ages 3 and up, $12.99). “Rise and shine/and give God the glory/glory/rise and shine…” Another sweet book (which begins with one of my favorite happy songs) about faith from our friends at WaterBrook publishing house. De Asis, an artist from Manila, Philippines, did a lovely job on the picture book’s sweet and inviting art.

“Who Will U Be?” with words and pictures by Jessica Hische (Penguin Workshop/Penguin Random House, 2023, ages 3-7, $18.99). Awwww, this one is set in my old neighborhood, Alphabet City on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Introducing our new friend U, who attends Ms. Bracket’s School for Little Letters. Bright candy colors will grab the reader’s attention and U is a great narrator. The students from the school, who are actually little letters themselves, are heading out for the annual Find Yourself Field Trip. They explore the city, including Times Square and the New York Public Library, and discover loads of letters along the way. Clever, captivating way to teach children more about letters, typography and writing.

Bon appetit, and have a lovely week, everyone.


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