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Thursday Book Review: “Mother of Sharks” and “Elemental”

June 29th, 2023

Winter 2021-2022

(Photo credit to Rawley; use with permission only.)

For today’s review, let’s check out water and the rest of the elements.

“Mother of Sharks” is a big, cool story by marine biologist Melissa Cristina Marquez, with awesome on-land, undersea, and shark illustrations by Devin Elle Kurtz. Marquez wrote this science book in a fantasy style, and it works. She sets it at la Playa del Condado, in Puerto Rico, where she grew up learning to love sharks and the water. Glossary/references/back story/translations are always appreciated, thank you! The illustrations, so flawless, are like something out of a dream. For more about the author and artist’s work, check out info on Marquez and take a look at Kurtz’s website.

Awww, summer = movie tie-ins, and here is another good one. Disney/Pixar’s newest release, “Elemental,”  set in a city “where Fire, Water, Earth and Air Elements reside,” in spite of the fact that they don’t have a lot in common. Or… do they? Look for the junior novelization and the Little Golden Book, they’re sweet.

Talk soon! Bon appetit!


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