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April 22nd, 2024

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“Go zoom zoom”/photo by Rawley, use with permission only, please and thank you)

Book reviews for this week, all young adult titles, coming up…

  • “Finally Fitz,” by Marisa Kanter (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; scheduled for release April 23, 2024; ages 12 and up; 389 pages; $19.99). A young woman who is bisexual, Ava “Fitz” Fitzgerald, is on track with everything, exactly as she has planned. And then everything goes sideways.
  • “The Sherlock Society,” by James Ponti (Aladdin/Simon & Schuster; scheduled for release Sept. 3, 2024; ages 8 and up; 337 pages; $18.99). Mystery set in Miami, in the tradition of Nancy Drew. Four kids plus their grandfather decide that starting a detective agency is exactly what they need.
  • “Punk Rock Karaoke,” by Bianca Xunise (Viking/Penguin Random House; scheduled for release April 23, 2024; ages middle grade and up; 248 pages; $17.99). Wow! The color and design of this new graphic novel? Pretty cool. Ariel Grace Jones and her bandmates are ready to take their garage band right into the big time. Let’s see what happens…
  • “Summer at Squee,” by Andrea Wang (Kokila/Penguin Random House, 2024, grades 5 and up, 308 pages, $18.99). Come along with our heroine, Phoenny Fang, and a cool cast of characters as they take part in SQUEE: Summertime Chinese Culture, Wellness, and Enrichment Experience. New friendships, fun, and learning and understanding the meaning of being Chinese American.
  • “The Last Comics on Earth: Too Many Villains!” (Viking/Penguin Random House; with Joshua Pruett, illustrated by Jay Cooper and Douglas Holgate, color by Joe Eichelberger; scheduled for release April 30, 2024; ages 10 and up; 253 pages; $14.99). Super fun new graphic novel, second in the series. This one is also from “The Last Kids on Earth” team.
  • “Cancelled,” by Farrah Penn (Viking/Penguin Random House, 2024, grades 9-12, 366 pages, $19.99). Brynn Whittaker, a high school senior, is proud of her matchmaking business, her grades, her life. And then an inappropriate video (that she swears is *not* of her) shows up on social media. How do you deal with the things you think you’ll never have to deal with?

I’ve started reading all of these and send them along to you, recommended. Interesting selection of books. All for now, bon appetit, babies!

Wacky Mommy, Book Reviewer to the Stars

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