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Neil Goldschmidt is a rapist who never served time.

January 18th, 2011

Yeah, and he’s a rat bastard, too. Well, former Governor of Oregon, I could just spit. And all of you who knew about it and looked the other way? You think you’re not guilty? O my God, you are so wrong.

God rest her soul, she deserved a lot better. May she rest in peace.

— wm

updated 2/4/2011 to add:

* These a-holes think they’re funny but they’re not. She’s gone now, isn’t that just hilarious? Ha. Ha. Ha. I could just smack someone, y’know? I can think of about a dozen people, including whoever wrote and edited that, who I would like to slap upside the head.

* Margie Boule did a great job reporting and writing this.

* So did Steve Duin. Thank you both, Margie and Steve.

That’s all for now, but it’s not the last we’re going to hear about it. And that’s a good thing. How can I say this? These times we live in, they are far from perfect. But I am grateful that we are living in new times, modern times, more enlightened times. (I’m saying this with a lot of caution and hesitation, as I write the words.) Times when, maybe? please? people aren’t being allowed to just sweep things under the rug and pretend they didn’t happen.

True? Maybe. And that’s about as optimistic as I’m going to get on this.

— wm

I’d Rather Be Drunk at the Alibi than Following Politics. Wouldn’t You?

October 13th, 2008

When I was young and drunk, I dated a large Irishman, who was 6’5″ and, like me, an English major and writer. He also liked to drink. And have conversations that were apropos of everything and nothing at the same time. (more…)

it’s like that thing that always happens, when you’re screwed. again

December 10th, 2007

You know that thing that always happens, how when you get a tax refund, and you’ve spent it 1,500 ways before it arrives, on things like, you know.

This and that.

Crack cocaine or whatnot.


Some new high heels.

Maybe a little toward the credit card bills.

Perhaps some new shoes and jeans for the kids because, damn. My dad was right. They really do grow like weeds.

My mom, circa 1974-1980: “Didn’t I just buy you new shoes last week?”

Then your husband calls, “Can I take you out for lunch?” And for once, your hair is clean, you’ve actually showered and are wearing clothes that are not an old shirt of your husband’s and a pair of sweats, and, “Yes, I’d love that!” (Lentil Garden in Beaverton, Indian buffet, great food.) Then the very exact second you’ve finished lunch, the cell phone rings and it’s the mechanic and guess what?

Yer right! It’s not just the whoozy on your car, it’s the whatzy, too, and since the car is almost 20 years old, is it worth it to fix it? (No.) And geez, isn’t it great we got that tax refund so now we can use it to pay for a new car? (The down payment, anyway. Fwaaa fwaaa fwaaa.)

Does that ever happen to you? Or is it just Wacky House?

Why are we getting a tax refund in December, here in Oregon? It’s something called a “kicker.” Meaning (and this is all pretty technical, so stick with me here) that the State of Oregon gets all confused about money, socks it all away, refuses to spend any on, you know, health care and/or food and/or both for the poor; or new roads; or schools. Or whatever else cash-tax money is supposed to go for in America.

Then the State of O they’re all, WOOT! WE HAVE ALL THIS MONEY! and they send chunks of it back to us, the taxpayers. Which is nice and all, but I’d really rather they spent it while they had it.

“why’s everybody/
wanna keep it like the kaiser?/
give it away/
give it away/
give it away now”

— red hot chili peppers!

I’d rather they kept the money and fed some hungry people. Maybe given shelter to some of the homeless. Provided a few more teachers for the schools. Something.

Cuz if they had — I swear this is true — my car would still be running.

Community Rally in Portland, Ore., 1 p.m. Saturday Oct. 6, 2007

October 5th, 2007

(from an e-mail I just received. WM)

N.A.A.C.P. Portland Branch 1120 Responds to Racist Concert Organized by Hammerskin Nation

PORTLAND, OR – October 5, 2007 – Since opening our doors in 1914, the Portland NAACP Branch 1120 has steadfastly fought to win and protect the civil rights of African Americans and people of color. (more…)

Recipe Club: Political Intrigue, Stir-Fry and Crisp Coconut Cookies

January 24th, 2007

Dear Internet,

I’m on a mission. It’s political. It’s messy. It possibly involves the purchase of two or three large inflatable toys. I cannot discuss it here, for reasons of neighborhood and possibly national security, but if you live in Portland, Ore., and are a musician, artist, gardener, or just a person who wants to get involved, e me and we’ll talk.

Vague enough? Intriguing enough? Also I think I’m going to need help from both the No War Drum Corps and the Nation of Islam on this one.



PS — How about some recipes? With all this political organizing, we have little time for cooking around here. Thus, three fast ones…


Porno and Me

January 22nd, 2007

If you’re wondering where I am today, read this. It’s from April 26, 2005, but it’s still the same old shit. Don’t be a Bad Samaritan.

More tomorrow.

Yours as always,



Gay Marriage Rocks!

December 30th, 2006

Because I just wanted to let my opinion be known… so there it is. I am expressing myself.

“I’m expressin’ with my full capabilities/
And now I’m livin’ in correctional facilities/
Cuz some don’t agree with how I do this/
I get straight/
meditate like a Buddhist/”


Gay marriage should be legal. Wacky Mommy says yes, yeah, go for it, I support it and fully. Love, love, love.

“All you need is love/
Love is all you need/”

— The Beatles

However. The voters of Oregon, progressive and green and free-loving though we may be, passed Measure 36 a couple of years ago, stating that “only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or legally recognized as a marriage.” (Here are some of the arguments against this measure.) (And “we” being “them” because you know I didn’t vote the damn thing in.)

My point: I still see tons of bumperstickers here that say ONE MAN ONE WOMAN YES ON 36 all over town and damn if I wouldn’t love to get my hands on about five or seven of them. Cuz I’d cut them up to say:




And then right next to all that I’d put a Bob Marley sticker that said:


Happy New Year to all of you. Peace in 2007.

Loves and kisses, hogs and quiches,


PS — If anyone can get some of these bumperstickers for me I would sure appreciate it.

PSS — No, I haven’t started baking or cleaning yet for the party on Monday, thanks for asking.

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