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To the P.G. Mamas

August 22nd, 2005

It’s August, ladies. And those of you who are ten months pregnant have Wacky Mommy’s empathy. So here are a few little comments my Wacky Sister sent me, to cheer me up the August I was ten months p.g. with Wacky Girl:

“Haven’t you had that baby yet?”
“Boy, you must be miserable in this heat!”
“When’s that stork gonna visit?”
“You are all belly!”
“Sick of being pregnant yet?”
“Have that baby already!”
“When’s that little one gonna make an appearance?”

My favorite comment (ha!) was from a complete stranger, when I was out for my evening waddle with my husband. This woman I had never seen before in my life shouted at me from across the street, “You look about overdue!” Then she had a good laugh, at my expense.

Thanks for noticing, ya bitch.

What helps bring on labor? A baby. So stay in the tub, stay in the shower, stay in the pool or an air-conditioned room and remember, this really, really won’t last forever. I promise. As for old wives’ tales… Sometimes pickled ginger helps, or some raw ginger root. It’s “warm and downward moving” in Eastern medicine. (This is not medical advice, as I am not a trained medical professional — but I did give some ginger to two of my girlfriends, when they were overdue, and they both went into labor the next day… Worth a try, anyway.)

Best wishes to everyone who’s trying to stay cool.



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