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Monster Trucks

September 17th, 2006

A request from Wacky Boy:

“I want you to blog about monster trucks. I want you to say that monster trucks can jump on cars. Also say ‘monster’ means ‘big’ and monster trucks are big. Monster trucks are in demolition derby. My favorite monster truck is my toy ones. The ones we bought at the store. My second favorite one is Bigfoot. The toy. My other favorite one is Bigfoot, the real truck. Some people like monster trucks.”


  1. Kristen says

    That has got to be the funniest post I’ve ever read. Seriously.

    September 18th, 2006 | #

  2. Zipdodah says

    Between the ages of 3 and 5, my youngest daughter thought monster trucks ruled the world. She said that when she could drive she was buying the monster truck with the biggest tires so she could run over all the cars if they went too slow.
    She’s now a “tween” and into “helis” ….the only thing she can run over with those are my toes…….

    September 18th, 2006 | #

  3. Cynner says

    Husband with the bright green hair wifey with the “raspberry” hair hiking around the CLARK COUNTY FAIR being jeered and grimaced at talked about in hushed tones by folks with mullets who clearly forgot the rule about never allowing a friend or anyone for that matter to tattoo your FACE because BECAUSE our son beloved adorable boy that he is has to attend the MONSTER TRUCK show and he needs to see Bounty Hunter Maniac and Outlaw and he has what the relatives in Texas call the autism so we do these things because he sometimes needs these things done and we’re there for most of the day being urban and watching lily white kids do hip hop dancing for the lord and eating various meats and petting animals that will become meats and considering buying airbrushed panties that say property of when it’s time for the MONSTER TRUCK show to begin so we get our earplugs and settle into the crowded stadium thing and everyone’s freaking out cause cause it’s MONSTER FREEEEEEKING TRUCKS MAN and the trucks come out one at a time and do wheelie things and people are going wild and I look over at our adorable son who’s sitting on his father’s lap wearing his Blue Thunder hat and All American Monster Truck Rally 2002 shirt purchased at a garage sale for .75 and realize that he’s just bawling sobbing totally losing his mind and he looks at me with total horror in his eyes and shouts ALL DONE MONSTER TRUCK SHOW ALL DONE and four hours of county fair and ten minutes of monster truck show later we’re on our way home from Washington.
    Which is why we drink.

    September 19th, 2006 | #

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