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Pfc. LaVena Johnson

April 2nd, 2007

“Once upon a time lived a young woman from a St. Louis suburb. She was an honor roll student, she played the violin, she donated blood and volunteered for American Heart Association walks. She elected to put off college for a while and joined the Army once out of school. At Fort Campbell, KY, she was assigned as a weapons supply manager to the 129th Corps Support Battalion.

She was LaVena Johnson, private first class, and she died near Balad, Iraq, on July 19, 2005, just eight days shy of her twentieth birthday. She was the first woman soldier from Missouri to die while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The tragedy of her story begins there.”

To read more (be warned, please — this is not an easy read), and sign a petition, go here.

Rest in peace, hon.


  1. Leanne says

    Every time I see something like this I think “only the good die young”. (Ok I kind of hum it. It’s my way of honoring the fallen.)

    April 3rd, 2007 | #

  2. Anne says

    Thank you for posting this wacky mommy. I know her family and all the people who are trying to get her story out appreciate it.
    I cannot read her story without weeping. This country is a mess.
    I get hope when I meet outraged and outrageous mothers like you. We will rule someday.

    April 3rd, 2007 | #

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