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“Oh, yeah, Happy Mother’s Day!”

May 7th, 2007

Wacky Boy: “I made something for you, Mom. For Mother’s Day. At school.”

me: “Don’t tell me what it is!”

Wacky Boy, who had no plans of telling me what it was: “I’m not tellin’ ya!”

me, dying to know, was it the macaroni frames I saw spread out on the tables today??: “But I’ll give you a hug to say thank you for thinking of me.”

Wacky Boy, thinking it over: “I didn’t think of you. But my teachers did!”

Did I mention that we sent the kids back to school? 1) Our demands were met 2) hostages were released 3) I start my new job tomorrow. Work? What??? Turns out, if you apply for a job, you might get it. Then you have to go there.

(It’s full-time, but temporary. Two weeks, two months, or who knows?)

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  1. MamaToo says

    congrats on the new job – they will love you, of course, and want to hire you forever, and the world of homeschoolers will have to be wacky without you. :)
    Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day, too.

    May 9th, 2007 | #

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