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September 1st, 2007

I have a new post up at Grasshopper… Stop by and please say hidee-ho if you do. I wrote it when I had an extremely high fever. You should enjoy it.

You know who else writes for Grasshopper? Busy Mom. Slouching Mom. Chantal. And a whole buncha other nice people. So now you have even more to read!

Did you want me to do a Q&A with myself again? I know you love those. OK, I will!

Q: When do you start teaching Sunday school?
A: Next week!

Q: Are you prepared?
A: Ha! Ha! That’s precious… “prepared”… that’s cute.

Q: When do the kids go back to school?
A: To paraphrase Snuffleupagus: “Not soon enough, Bird.”

Q: Are you feeling better?
A: No. Lymph nodes: swollen. Fever: up. Wine: I’m drinking it, West Nile be damned.

Q: What time is it there?
A: Um. Hammertime? It’s 9 o’clock on the nose. The children are in bed — Wacky Girl’s slumber party was last night and they were crazeee, those children. They all went home with their own parents, thank you JESUS and now my two are exhausted.

Q: What did Wacky Girl get for her birthday?
A: So far? More Littlest Petshop, amazingly enough! Since that’s what she asked for! And my mother spoils her rotten!

me: “Mom, you used to know how to say ‘no.’ I remember that clearly. ‘No, you cannot have more money.’ ‘No, I will not buy you beer.'”
Mom: “But I don’t need to say no to them! Do they need some beer?”

Also, Babysitters’ Club books (I requested those. How much do I love that they’re not in plastic wrap with those teeny-tiny clear rubberbands? Why must they be clear and impossible to see? Fucking Hasbro YOU SUCK). My sister bought them, God love her.

my sister: “Jesus, Mom told us no all the time. What happened to her?”
my mom: “Kids, you want more cake? And ice cream? There’s lots more, here.”

Jeebus loves you, Wacky Sister!

Over and out. Motrin and wine: A winning combination! (My liver: owwwwie…)

(Edited Sunday a.m. to say: We watched “This Film is Not Yet Rated” last night and it was great. Go rent it or buy a copy.)


  1. wacky cousin says

    Well, now. Tiny Wacky Cousin turned 1! And it was a blast. We swam and ate cake. I had a drink to prepare as both of my parents were in the same place at the same time.
    It went just fine. I was not shocked, but that was the vodka. Later, my mom fed my ONE YEAR OLD coke, ribs, and probably some wine. I remember she used to say no as well. Now, she says “Here you go!”. And I run screaming out to where they are. I guess she is trying to keep me on my toes? Bleh.

    September 3rd, 2007 | #

  2. WackyMommy says

    Happy Birthday, Tiny Wacky Cousin! No more vino for you, pal, not ’til you’re 21.

    September 3rd, 2007 | #

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