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woo-hoooooooooooooo it’s Turkey Day!

November 27th, 2008

Only we don’t eat turkey over here. Still, we’re grateful. I’m grateful for bacon, cuz that clam chowder I had for dinner last night was so good. My son is grateful for pigs. Live pigs. He has requested that I give up bacon. And his sister has requested that we buy them a Wii or Nintendo DS.

Wouldn’t hold my breath on any of that.

And dear readers, I am grateful for you, for America’s new president, for my new job, that I love so much. It is a cool thing to finally, after years of searching, find the right career. And it was there in the library, in the stacks, right under my nose, this whole time. (I needed to look between Cormier, Robert, and Creech, Sharon. Between DiTerlizzi, Tony, and Draper, Sharon. It just took me awhile to get there.)

I’m grateful for Hockey God, who is the yang to my yin, every day without fail. I’m grateful to my kids, who are funny and kooky and remind me of what’s important. (“We are. Over here. Don’t pay attention to anything else. Give us chocolate.”)

I’m thankful for the Nekkid Neighbors, cuz if it’s wasn’t for their love of gadgets, pots and pans, I wouldn’t be cooking Suzanne’s Crockpot Stuffing right now. (If you haven’t already, go sign up for a Book Club or two.)

I’m thankful for Suzanne, and all my Internet buddies. And I’m especially thankful for all my “real-time” buddies. This year will be better. It has to be. I just know it, that’s why.

Have a great weekend, y’all. We’re going to eat root vegetable soup with greens, stuffing with vegetarian herb gravy, TWO KINDS of cranberry sauce (in honor of my Mom’s family, who can never agree on a damn thing), pumpkin pies and real whipped cream, and brownies.

I wish you and yours all the best.




  1. The Other Laura says

    Happy Thanksgiving (a little late) to you and yours!

    November 28th, 2008 | #

  2. LIB says

    I’m with TOL, Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    November 28th, 2008 | #

  3. Nan says

    Belated greetings here too! Hope your digestion is still functioning!

    November 28th, 2008 | #

  4. wacky cousin says

    I think we agree that more food is better, but that’s really the only thing. (And this counts as disagreeing about that last thing, right?)
    Love you, Wacky Family! Have a great holiday season!
    Wacky Cousins v7 + v2.0

    December 1st, 2008 | #

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