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Monday Book Review

January 30th, 2023


Asters in September (photo by Nancy Ellen Row Rawley)

Today’s books? Oh, I’m glad you asked!

Just in time for the holiday, coming up February 2nd… “Groundhog Gets It Wrong,” written by Jess Townes, illustrated by Nicole Miles (Dial Books for Young Readers, 2023, $18.99). There’s a lot of pressure put on groundhogs, okay? Who can predict the weather? Even the weathermen, with all their charts, maps and computers, can’t always get it right. But Groundhog, the youngest in a family of weather predictors, is sure it can’t be that tough. Can it? Amusing story and clever drawings.

You know what’s next, people. Cupid’s fave (or maybe least fave?) day of the year, St. Valentine’s Day. “The Mystery of the Love List” (Penguin Young Readers, 2022, ages 3 and up, $18.99) is the newest release from author Sarah Glenn Marsh (“Reign of the Fallen” series).

Super sweet and funny book, with lovely illustrations by Ishaa Lobo. The teacher wants the students to make up “love lists” of everything they’re fond of. Pippa wants nothing to do with this; she’d rather read. But wait… a secret admirer may work to change that. Clever book and different from the usual Valentine’s reads.

“A Bucket of Questions, almost answered by Tim Fite,” is a new title from an artist and musician who doesn’t really answer the questions posed at all. (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2023, ages 4 and up, $18.99.) Hmmm. Well, try the Internet if you want some actual answers, but with adult supervision, please. (My students promise me “I’m not going down a rabbit hole!” generally right before they go down a rabbit hole and refuse to reappear.)

It’s a fun and goofy book, this one. The art is intense and interesting, but dang it I really wanted the questions answered (or somewhat answered?) in the back of the book. Because I’m practical like that. Here’s to curiosity and imagination, though, in different forms.

Bon appetit, babies!



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