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Friday Fun Day: What’s On My Nightstand

March 3rd, 2023


(Solar Eclipse, in the path of totality, 8/21/2017, photo by Nancy E. Row Rawley)

Pretty, huh? Yeah, you had to be there, I think. That was a cool day, though, Eclipse Day 2017. Some of our friends came to town and we headed to the neighborhood park with lawn chairs, blankets and all of the other neighbors. (Except B., who headed to Marys Peak because Reporting for the Newspaper.) Corvallis was in the path of totality which was amazing. OK, okay, moving on.

What’s on my nightstand? Grown-up books and books for teens. Get ready…

“Be the Difference: Serve Others and Change the World,” a monthly planner. OK, I think I mentioned this one already, but it is pretty cool. (WaterBrook/Ink & Willow, 2021, $16.99.) Not just a journal, not just a planner — you can turn it into a bullet journal, a place to set goals, a sketchbook or whatever you want. Go for it and change the world, and yourself, along the way.

“Remedies for Sorrow: An Extraordinary Child, a Secret Kept from Pregnant Women, and A Mother’s Pursuit of the Truth,” by Megan Nix (Penguin Random House/Doubleday, upcoming release 2023, $28). This is an intense read, so I’m attaching a trigger warning here. Please proceed with caution. This is a well-written, compassionate book about CMV (cytomegalovirus). Nix, who lives in both Colorado and Alaska with her family, is not just a talented writer, but a thoughtful reporter, too.

“The Emotional Lives of Teenagers: Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents” (Ballantine Books/Penguin Random House, 2023, 226 pages, $28). This one was written by Lisa Damour, Ph.D., author of “Untangled” and co-host of the “Ask Lisa” podcast. Loads of tips and thoughts on dealing with teen mental health issues, anxiety, moods and emotions. Sometimes those difficult conversations are needed.

The Young Reader’s Edition of “Mission Possible: Go Create a Life That Counts,” by athlete Tim Tebow (with A.J. Gregory) is also new on the shelves. This faith-based book is from WaterBrook/Penguin Random House. (2023, 145 pages, $18.00.)

“Carry Strong: An Empowered Approach to Navigating Pregnancy and Work,” by Stephanie Kramer, is scheduled for release this spring. (Penguin Life, 352 pages, $20.00.) Kramer did her work interviewing CEOs, working moms (all moms, may I say, are working moms), Olympic athletes and others to glean information on what to consider and what to look out for while transitioning/seguing, and adding to life with family and work.

Enjoy your spring, and here’s to reading.


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