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Book review: “Where Wildflowers Grow”

June 28th, 2023

Colorado flowers

(“Colorado Flowers,” photo by Steven Pings Rawley, use with permission only)

Ha Dinh, who came to America as a child, following the American war in Vietnam, took all of her memories, pain, fears, opportunities, growth and passion to bring us, “Where Wildflowers Grow,” a beautiful new picture book. (Waterbrook, 2023, $14.99.)

Bao Luu illustrated the book — the art is lovingly and colorfully drawn. Two little girls, Ha and Chau, have made a new home and life in their refugee camp in the Philippines. They’re reluctant to leave each other, but Ba and Ma, Ha’s parents, are taking our hero and her siblings to America. This book is a treasure, and includes Ha’s personal story and photos in the back, along with instructions on playing O An Quan, a game Ha and Chau enjoy.

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