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March 13th, 2007

The setting: Last Sunday afternoon. I’m lying in bed, hoping my family will leave so I can watch the Las Vegas season finale I have on tape. (I finally watched the whole thing. My review: Creepy, too weird, not enough hott love scenes.)

My husband: “I’ll fix dinner. You always get home cooking on the weekend.”

Me: “I cook during the week!” (…and I’m thinking, not last week I didn’t — we had Thai, pizza, and Indian take-out, then went out on Friday.)

Wacky Girl, who’s sprawled on the bed: “Bullshit.”

Both of us: “What?”

My husband: “No, really, what?”

Wacky Girl (smiles): “Bullshit.”

My husband (who always knows just what to say and that’s why I married him): “See, I was thinking it, but I wasn’t going to say it.”

You know what I did, to show them? That’s right. I fixed dinner last night. Crockpot Chili and cornbread. (If you accidentally grate an entire daikon radish into it, thinking it’s a parsnip — fear not! It’s a mild radish and just gives it a little extra ooomph.) And tonight I made tomato soup. Out of a box. And grilled cheese.

I have mad cooking skillz. Tomorrow night I may serve freezer waffles. No homecooked meals, HA!

And now, some YouTube. (And may I add that I can never find a damn thing that is not porno on YouTube. Oh, yes. Luckily Laurie can find anything in under five seconds flat. So when her kid tells my kid, you’ve got to see this clip it’s sooooooooo funny, and I can’t find it, then Laurie e’s me the links. Thank you!)

Philadelphia girl Bianca Ryan, age 11, from “America’s Got Talent”

Bianca’s Finale

This one’s funny, too…

John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson on the Ellen Show

(Some have you have e’ed, wanting to know where the Nekkid Neighbors have been. Well, they have this new little Nekkid Baby. She’s not that new anymore, but she’s still awfully cute. She yells. Her lungs are extremely strong. So they’re kind of in hiding until she stops yelling so much. They did manage to sneak away for a short vacation and did not notify the Media, ie — me. But they’ve returned and are happy to be home. Welcome back!)


  1. Sharpie says

    Wow – you got called out on not making Home Cooked Meals, huh? The way I figure it – even if you called, ordered, had to pickup the order or worse yet, had to clean up afterward – there was still mad skillz involved. If it someone dared to bitch at my house, I would direct them to the cereal in the closet…. and for their sake, I hope someone remembered to buy milk. ;-)

    March 14th, 2007 | #

  2. WackyMommy says

    Note to self — Thursday night’s dinner: Cheerios.

    March 14th, 2007 | #

  3. Darla says

    Hee! Love the Cheerios idea. I’ve been on a cooking kick, ever since I discovered that Zooba sells cookbooks. The problem is, I have a Teeny Tiny Kitchen, and much as they like the food, they balk at the cleanup.

    Plus, I think they’re getting kind of tired of waiting until 9 at night for dinner.

    March 15th, 2007 | #

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