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Post-a-Vistas #5: An Interview with the Amazing, Quite Lovely, Crafty Lelo

February 18th, 2008

Post-a-vista No. 4:

Lelo, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Lelo in NoPo. There! It’s done. Now we all know each other. Smooch. No. How about BIG SMOOCH!!!! Group smooch, get over here, y’all.

So, Post-a-vistas!!!!!

“If the system makes you want to “tweak,” then maybe you need tweaking!!! Time will tell!!!” (Our mantra.)

In the meantime, here’s an interview for you. Lelo is amazing, pretty, fearless and cool. I can only imagine how jealous you are that she did a meet-up with me and Melissa Lion and not you. Lelo makes aprons! From scratch! (You can buy one right here.) Our Lelo is “undergoing a reinvention.” She adores her adorable wife, AdRi!!! They get recognized in public and honestly, that is a kind of fame which your friend Wacky Mommy has just not achieved yet.

(Here are some really cute pix of Lelo and AdRi.) And… she is not just “a” sassy gardener, she is The Sassy Gardener over at Just Out. Now let’s hear what Lelo has to say!!!!!

1. Describe your family: AdRi is my partner of 10+ years. I’ve never introduced her as my lover (but if I did I’d pronounce it luv-ahhhhhhhhhhhh), but I have convinced people we’re not sisters and yes, we really only want one bed when checking into a hotel. We have a maltipoo named Wink Satine, a fluffy tail-free cat named Frida, and 15 year old Picasso, the Queen of the household. She rules us all with her feline ways.

2. Name one thing America is doing right:
AdRi: “The United States has always fostered creativity and invention. Inventing new things, new cures, new fuels: in the US we can do that.”

3. Name one thing America is not doing right: Confusing religious beliefs with political policy and decisions. The lack of separation of church and state is a major concern to me.

4. What’s one thing that really “riles you up,” makes you ready to work for change?: Confusing religious beliefs with political policy and decisions. The lack of separation of church and state is a major concern to me, and the need for some Christians to evangelize. It just seems to be in direct conflict with the true intent of what Jesus taught. Applying church philosophy to government policy, whether if it’s to build a fence between the US and Mexico, keeping gays from being able to marry, or funneling tax-payer dollars to religion-backed abstinence-only sex education teaching really bothers me.

5. Who’s gonna get your vote for President ’08 & why? (Feel free to ignore this one.): I wish I could say I have a resounding answer for this question. A few weeks back I felt I had clarity when reflecting on what started me on my road and beliefs of social change, fighting injustice, and it was feminism. As a proud feminist I realized I needed to support Hillary. This world would be a better place with a woman running the US. I just wish she’d say something to me that made me feel strongly inside for her, and if I didn’t think the right would just riddle her with holes from their many many bullets.

6. Name one thing Post-a-Vistas could do to be a better place?: Get pissed off more often and do something about it: write a letter, call your government representative, serve on committees. Put your time in to make your world a better place, don’t just bitch about things.

7. What’s your fave thing about living in Portland?: Our summers and lush green surroundings: it’s just gorgeous in the city, with accessibility to farms, produce, and agriculture.

8. Anything else you think we should know about you?: I’m a firm believer in saying it out loud and making it happen: if you want to see change, be it. Make it, live it, embody it. Go you! Go Wacky Mommy!

Go you, babes. I just follow you and AdRi around, waiting to see what you’ll do next. Keep coming back, it works!!!


  1. Recovering Straight Girl says

    Yeah LeLo, Yeah AdRi!

    February 19th, 2008 | #

  2. Zipdodah says

    Congratulations LeLo and AdRi!

    ““When the sun rises, it rises for everyone.”

    February 20th, 2008 | #

  3. melissa lion says

    Do you think Lelo would think it was odd if I curled into a ball at her feet and stared up her with love and admiration?

    February 20th, 2008 | #

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