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November 19th, 2006

So you all know my husband, the inimitable Hockey God. He found the funniest new blog — Overheard In PDX.

Here are my two favorites so far:

Put it on lay-away

Girl #1 (In Massage Chair): “Do you think I could marry this thing?”

Girl #2 (Standing in front of her): “Maybe, but it would leave after you whored around with the shower massager.”

– Pioneer Square inside of Sharper Image
— Overheard by Jay

Pennyless is Timelessness
Teenager: “Dude, can you spare some change?”

Man: “Sure, kid.”

Teenager: “Thanks, that’s cool. So, how’s it going for you today?”

Man: “What can I say? It’s Friday.”

Teenager (bugeyed): “It’s Friday? Oh man, I am so screwed.”

– Blue Moon Cafe
— Overheard by Rich

(PS — If you want to read about our Disney on Ice experience, go look at Hockey God’s blog.)

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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