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“It’s poison!”

April 20th, 2008

“It’s poison! I tell you, it’s poison! I know you feel bad… and…”

— George Bailey

Yes, people, It’s A Wonderful Life over here. And also, it’s poison when your pharmacist constantly makes mistakes on your RXs. It’s always the same damn pharmacist, four times in a row. If you live in Portland, e-mail me if you are so inclined and I will happily share her name so she doesn’t do you in, or your preshus chillen.

Why do I keep going back? Well, we’re not talking Hillbilly Heroin subbed for the amoxicillin or something drastic. We’re talking kids’ multi-vits, with the fluoride but not the iron; birth control pills which I had to pay Cash Money for because she couldn’t figure out how to bill my insurance, then insisted, “They don’t pay for these!” (yes, they do, thanks to the hard work of my lobbying sisters)… but the thyroid? Don’t mess with my thyroid RX or you will have hell to pay.

She has twice now filled the old RX — the one from a year ago, which was based on my old bloodwork — and claimed it is my current RX. No, my current RX is the “real” one; the old one is a mere imposter. (No one but Y is going to read this post.) (This may all change, yet again, after I get my bloodwork redone. But for now, we are going with the “real” RX.) Even though I call in with the right prescription number, somehow she is convinced that Her Way is Right and Mine (and my doctor’s) is Wrong. Why do I keep going back, you ask? Because the “real” pharmacist, the one who is there five days a week and fills the prescriptions ninety percent of the time, is an angel. She is. She’s magical, this girl, and will happily discuss my child’s fever (see: How High Can It Go?); my daughter’s need for iron, etc.; my hormonal upheaval; and then whew! everything’s okay then, ha! ha! (the story of this month) nothing is fine at all, more tests for you!

(Internets, please do not worry. It will all be fine. Just more tests, which apparently are so pressing that we will do half tomorrow and half in June! “Doctor is very busy!” (direct quote from Doctor’s Scheduler.)

My point, and I do have one: That is why I keep going back to that same pharmacy. The one pharmacist is just the best; her counterpart is just the worst. I already know what you’re going to say and yes, I am transferring as many prescriptions as I can (allergy RX, kids’ vitamins, thyroid medicine) to prescriptions-by-mail and the rest?

Fred G. Meyer, where they have a drive-through pharmacy.

hugs and kisses, little fishes,



  1. Qanzas says

    It’s like the library at school. There’s the surly twenty-something guy, and the nice seventy-something woman. Surly Guy is totally on his game, but makes you feel like King Jerk for bothering him. Nice Woman has NO idea what she’s doing, but makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I’m always praying Nice Woman will be working. Who cares if I get Garfield Takes the Cake instead of Leaves of Grass? She’s nice.

    Of course, I don’t die of an infection from the wrong novel. Unless wild fits of laughter cause an infection. Garfield? Eating lasagna? High-LARIOUS!

    April 21st, 2008 | #

  2. edj says

    Hehe…loves Qanzas’ comment.

    Today I had to call and make medical appts for my preshus chillen and I have to say how much I hate dealing with the unwieldy, creaking, behemoth machine that is the American Medical Bureaucracy. So I feel your pain. So much so that I’m going back to Africa, me.

    April 21st, 2008 | #

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