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wherein I remember how to cook. Tuesday Recipe Club: White Bean Soup with Rosemary; Gub-Gub Brownies; Baked Cheese Tortellini in Alfredo Sauce

January 14th, 2014

Yes, I should cook more often. I’m a good cook. I find it relaxing. We need to eat. God knows we have vegetables in the fridge and the freezer, jars and bags of beans, pasta, flour and everything else (spices, oils, salt n pepa) in the cupboard. Fresh herbs in the garden.

But I don’t.

What of it?

Today? Today, however… Who knows what got into me. Cooking! Comfort food!

You know Gub-Gub Brownies? They’re good. It’s my Dear Late Granny’s recipe, but with brown sugar instead of white (gub-gub). Who knows where her recipe is, I swear I’ve posted it, but I look for it and it is not there. Go buy her book if you want it. Also, cheesey tortellini. So frickin’ good. And… soup.

Because that’s all I ever want. I used the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe, but with fewer onions. PS next year I will have been blogging here for nine years what the what the? True story. (That’s the sixth blog post i ever wrote. Am fond of it.)

Bon appetit, babies!

– wm

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