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March 7th, 2008


On a completely unrelated note, are you wondering what my Top 10 Search Keywords are? Here you go:


Looking for “to”? You’ve come to the right place.


Thursday Thirteen, Ed. #109 — Key Words: You Want It, You Got It…

September 5th, 2007

I sometimes wonder why we’re all here. Well, I wonder why you’re here, at any rate. I know why I’m here. I’ve been here since 4:45 a.m. But what brought you here? My insight? Political intrigue? My finely-tuned wit? Apparently it’s all that… and my recipe for refrigerator pickles. And then there’s the Volcano Cake. (Always in the top five.)

Fine then, fine! I can handle it! You’re in it for the recipes. Thirteeners and Usual Suspects, here are 13 recent searches that brought people to Wacky Mommy, Inc.

1) refrigerator pickles (you will be happy with this recipe)

2) wacky mommy (here I yam)

3) chocolate volcano cake (you will be happy with this recipe, too)

4) breastfeeding movie scene (I got nothin’)

5) fuck my neighbor (to this I say, “No, fuck my neighbor. Please, fuck both my neighbors.”)

6) you just never know whats going to happen in vail (that’s what I’m saying! Who would have thought Vail would be so unpredictable?)

7) husbandry book review (was the author searching for this? If he finds it, he won’t like it.)

8) crack smokin kitty pettin (Wacky Mommy is all for it)

9) mommy sex (I’m all for that, too)

10) yo gabba gabba shirts (Rock Star Mommy, can you help?)

11) germaine greer princess diana (Germaine Greer can kiss my ass.)

12) pineapple upside down cake with cake mix (yes! You can thank my granny)

13) dirty sluts (sure)

Other searches: my nekkid wife; the tillamook fairies (???); crabs public lice french (forget those private lice — we’re all about public domain over here); oh ya mommy (finally, someone who isn’t telling me “no,” just say “yeah…”); my sexy neighbor (no, my sexy neighbor); girls with see through shirts in the rain (guilty as charged); witchi-tai-to (yay, Jim Pepper!); sexy mommy (thank you); lactation nazi (not here); drunk mommy (sure)…


Wait! We have more! offit vaccinated review (somehow, I think they’re not going to be excited about this review, either); p diddys macaroni and cheese recipe (heh heh heh); neighbors naked (it never fails. Get creative ya’ll, would you?).

See you next time!


Search Keyphrases (Top Ten)

July 21st, 2007

(all out of order)

quotes recall wacky wacky wacky other cake mommy mommy mommy nasty volcano sex sex chocolate trains volcano dirty cake holidays thomas neighbors sluts phrases

Are You Looking for the Butthole Surfers? They’re Not Here.

June 1st, 2007

Amongst my top search terms, y’all were looking for the following:

* naked neighbors (they’re not here this weekend!)

* scarf site sex

* nasty neighbors wives

* cathy mincberg

* nekkid pool

* husband parked in front of the damn tv

* hockey wives

* hockey sluts (followed by…)

* dirty sluts (Hey! We are not!)

* i love my wild cherry tree but hate the mess (me too!)

* i rubbed cocaine on my lips will i be tested positive (me too! No, wait… that’s not true.)

* if you see your mother this weekend tell her satan satan satan

More searches

February 23rd, 2007

If you were looking for:

wacky mommy
mommy sex
volcano cake
chocolate volcano cake
pictures mardi gras shoebox floats
norovirus puking
nasty neighbors
money makin mommy
quotes from because i said so
nasty neighbor

Well, here I am, baby.


You’re Searching for What, Exactly? You Might Find It Here…

December 30th, 2006

Here you go — Keywords Report update (and yes, I love that “neurotic mothers” — that would be moi — is sandwiched between “costco/cakes” and “costco cakes”):

The number one thing people were searching for that brought them to my site… Yes, that’s right. You guessed it…

david cassidy
!!!!!!!! David, I think I love you, David.

Other popular searches:

wacky mommy
peanut butter playdough
clingy baby
pixie kitchen
booty dancers
delta breastfeeding
neurotic mothers
costco cakes

A Brief Round-up of My Keywords Reports

April 22nd, 2006

Ahem. These are but a few of the searches people have used, thus finding me, Wacky Mommy, Writer at Large:

guinea pigs and pinkeye (funny — we just had pinkeye here again…)
booty coverings
horrid gory pictures (because, like, you find sooooooo many pictures on my blog)
sean croghan email
michael corinthos is kidnapping (a General Hospital reference)
because i said so shirt
i make milk, what’s your superpower?
how long does it take to vacuum a house (don’t ask me!)
sexy mommy with big ass (thank you!)
dirty thieves
tom and katie freak baby
voluptuous housewives (thank you again!)
cybill shepherd breasts
p diddy mac and cheese

(and, last but not least…)

*how much does it really cost: remodelling / repair.* (baby, don’t ask. There is tile ON THE FLOOR in the bathroom and tile ON THE WALL in the shower and NO IT’S NOT DONE, BUT ALMOST. You know who finally fixed the messed-up framing in the shower? No, not the one framer who came out here twice or the other framer who came out here twice. That’s right — the tile guy. He finally straightened it out because there was nothing standing between him and getting the g.d. tile installed. And the TRIKE THAT SAVED MY LEGS is now parked in the yard, in all its glory.)


January 12th, 2006

Searches that brought people to Wacky Mommy:

i flashed my boobs to my neighbor

lazy husband advice sleeps a lot

hirsute dudes

how to make a parade float out of a shoebox

booty dancers

cowboy caviar shoepeg corn blackeyed peas

drunk mommies

neighbor’s panties

brooke shields father

are fibroids aliens

i’m a doctor, not an escalator and friday’s child

uterus contractor